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Internet food service intermediary (IFSI) is a LISCENCED entity that facilitates the sale of home cooked meals offered by microenterprise home kitchen operations (MEHKO) through a web and or mobile platform. The California Homemade Food Act (AB-626), makes it possible to run a cooking business right from the comfort of your kitchen. Our mission is to help you find a MEHKO in your area or to get started and apply for your own MEHKO permit and take part in the explosive growth of MEHKOs.

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What is an IFSI? What is a  MEHKO find out more buy checking out or FAQ's and more information.

Virtually Unlimited Potential

% of States with Approved MEHKOs2%
% Counties in CA with Approved MHEKOs1.7%
Potential Coverage of USA reached1%
Potential Profits Per Year: $50,000100%

Benefits of MEHKOs to Customers

Benefits of MEHKO's for Owners

Economical Meals

Enjoy gourmet and homemade meals at a reasonable price – low overhead means that MEHKO’s can offer superior meals for less.

Dedicated Chefs

Meet home chefs are truly invested in their work – MEHKO’s by their nature are personal affairs for the owner and chef something they are passionate about making an outstanding experience.

Community Support

Patronize and support local members of your community – MEHKO proprietors are integral parts of the community.

Culinary Traditions

Personal food cultures and histories brought to you – Home chefs bring you the rich history of the world culinary tradition they are a part of whether from half way around the globe or their own family cooking.

Themes and Vibrant Conversations

Gather together with your friends or family for a unique meal – groups with specific interests can gather around a specific themed culinary journey or just enjoy a hassle free meal filled with good food and conversation.

Benefits of MEHKOs to Owners

What Benefits do MEHKO's Offer for Customers

Share Your Passion

Bring the food you’re passionate about to others.

Share Your Knowledge

Share your love of food and food knowledge.

Community Engagement

Engage with your community, locally and more.

Make Connections

Connect with new people and be your own boss.

Create Environments

Provide meals in an environment that brings people together.

Low Relative Cost

Low startup and ongoing costs compared to other food ventures.

Make Your Own Schedule

Supplement your income on your own schedule.

Cooking Classes

Run cooking classes in your home.


Prepare meals for AirBnBs and get a piece of this thriving hospitality segment.

Take Out Opportunites

Sell take out meals for another way to provide meals.

Love What You Do

Make money while doing something you love.

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