Start a MEHKO

Instructions on How to Start a MEHKO

So you are interested in starting your own home mini-restaurant!

Then you are on the right track because MEHKO’s are set to explode in California. With the COVID-19 devastation to the traditional restaurant industry the time is right to start thinking of new ways of doing business or just getting by.

Are you looking for a convenient, fun way to make extra money by selling food from your home, then a Microenterprise Home Kitchen Permit is what you are looking for.

Why Start a MEHKO?

1.) To bring the food you’re passionate about to others

2.) To share your love of food and food knowledge

3.) To engage with your community

4.) To provide meals in an environment that brings people together

5.) To connect with new people and be your own boss

6.) To supplement your income on your own schedule

7.) To work part time around your parental commitments

8.) To be an owner in food a business with low startup costs compared to regular restaurants

9.) To make money while doing something you love

10.) To run cooking classes in your home

11.) To prepare meals for AirBnBs

12.) To prepare and sell take out meals

How to get started!

Starting a MEHKO can seem like a daunting process but with some perseverance and knowledge, you can start and complete your journey to your own home restaurant.

It’s important to know that even though MEHKO’s were approved by California state, wide individual counties must “opt in” and each one will have different places to do so and forms to fill out.

The good news is that we are here to help!

As of today only Riverside California has approved MEHKO’s and set up the necessary infrastructure. But more counties are on their way to approving MEHKO’s so its important to sign up for our mailing list/newsletter and follow us on Facebook and check back here often to know as soon as they are approved in your home county.

How you can help...

You can help by signing our petition at to help bring MEHKOs to your state and county.
Make your voice heard.

So in summary here is what you need to do to register your MEHKO in Riverside County California.

The overview is:

  1. Submit your Standard Operating Procedures, Application, and menu to your local area office.

  2. Obtain a Food Safety Manager Certification for the MHKO owner, and a Riverside County Food Handler Certification for all other people involved in the MHKO.

  3. Submit an Application to Operate a Food Facility.

  4. Schedule an inspection of your home kitchen operation.Paragraph

How to Register a MEHKO in California

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